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Importance of Sobriety Coins

· Sobriety Coins

Today, a lot of people are suffering from alcohol addiction. A lot of alcohol addicts have lost their loved ones and jobs because of their addiction. Families have broken up, and jobs have been lost due to addiction because alcohol affects the way one thinks. Many alcohol addicts today are looking for means to deal with their addiction. The path to sobriety, however, is very difficult. To have a shot at sobriety, one needs to get support and assistance constantly. This is the reason for groups such as alcoholics anonymous. Alcoholics anonymous is a group that is widely known and appreciated because it sponsors meetings, where alcoholics get to meet. Stories are shared in these meetings amongst recovering addicts, and this enables most of them to stay on track. Recovering alcohol addicts form meaningful connections in these meetings, which then allow them to successfully overcome alcohol addiction.

AA groups today are going a step further by awarding AA coins, medallions, and chips. These items are used to represent the number of days, months, and years a member has been sober. You do not have to remain sober for years to be awarded an AA sobriety coin, because they are even given for periods as short as twenty-four hours. The value of an AA sobriety coin or AA sobriety chips increases with the amount of time a recovering addict is able to maintain their sobriety, meaning that you get high-value coins for staying sober for longer. AA sobriety coins are becoming increasingly popular, and we will be looking at some of the reasons why this is the case in this article.

Sobriety coins serve as a reminder for recovering addicts, and this is one of their main benefits. Sobriety coins remind recovering addicts about the significance of their journey. Sobriety coins serve as reminders that anything is better than living life as a drunk, by reminding recovering addicts about all that they have accomplished so far in their journey. A sobriety coin is a physical reminder of one’s promise to take care of themselves. Being reminded of your journey gives you the strength to fight through when you have cravings to drink again.

Another benefit of sobriety coins is that they support and encourage recovering addicts to power through their journey. This is because one is awarded more coins as they progress. Many people on their path to sobriety have admitted that the anticipation of getting more coins as they power through is one of the main reasons why they fight to stay sober. Sobriety coins can also bring families together because they are physical proof of one’s dedication to getting and remaining sober.

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